Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

November 30, 2012

Continue to pray for miners, region

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— As the dust settles from Nov. 6 and worried families here in coal country wonder what —– if anything promising — the future holds in store, I too ponder upon the fate of our beloved county. Did we lose the war on coal on Election Day or was this just another battle in the many to come over the next four years under our anti-coal president?

 Did the environmental extremists finally succeed in killing Old King Coal as some are wont to brag or has he just been badly wounded? If merely wounded, will he manage to recuperate in time to prevent widespread economic harm to our region? Or will local families continue to become cannon fodder in the liberal war on America’s cheap, affordable energy, also known as Black Gold?

 How many more layoffs like those seen under the Obama green tyranny to date can our local economy stand? How many more body blows can the local economy take? How soon will property taxes have to be raised to makeup for the tax loss to our county budget by closed mining operations and laid-off miners? And how can out-of-work folks pay these jacked-up tax bills?

Sadly missing from the strategy of the Obama administration’s war on coal is the human factor. Lives disrupted, cars and trucks and homes lost.

There is also the very negative effect of the stress of breadwinners losing jobs and their feelings of self-worth, turning, as statistics indicate, to abuse of alcohol and drugs. And we all know that our precious children, the weakest members of society, will bear the biggest brunt. All because of a far-fetched liberal dream of clean energy from a sun that doesn’t shine all the time and wind that doesn’t blow all of the time; all because of a war on coal that is in reality a war on coal families.

 I’m proud of the voters of Southwest Virginia for standing united on Election Day and saying no to the Obama EPA war on coal country. If we are to survive we must demonstrate that same unity and determination, that same solidarity of purpose. Please continue to pray for our coal miners, their families, our coal companies and for coal country. Trust in God, He is still in control. After all, He gave us free will and if we as a nation collectively “burn a blister” at the ballot box then we’ll just have to sit on it for four long years because, as we all know, by now “the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike.” Heaven help us to endure that which we hath electorally wrought!

Bobby May

Hurley, Va.