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August 3, 2013

‘Do nothing’ Congress fights Obama

In response to a recent letter saying what a great guy Senator (Joe) Manchin is and what a wonderful idea he has concerning our Second Amendment rights I would like to say this. Senator Manchin is a great guy. Met him a few times now and really like him. I hope to enjoy a beer with him someday.

As far as his common sense gun control ideas are concerned. Forget it. Besides the inherent flaws and open doors for abuse, you have to consider our present political atmosphere.  Precisely — we don’t trust this bunch.  

The political air right now stinks. I kinda like the ‘Do Nothing’ Congress we have right now.  They are doing what they were elected to do.  That is, to stop the Obama train wreck. No progress is the desired result when erosion of traditional American values, principles, and our freedoms are the goals of those in charge.

“It’s time to fundamentally change the way that we do business in Washington. To help build a new foundation for the 21st century, we need to reform our government so that it is more efficient, more transparent, and more creative. That will demand new thinking and a new sense of responsibility for every dollar that is spent.”

That’s what Obama promised $7 trillion dollars ago. (That’s with 12 zeroes!)

Look around.... like what you see?  I don’t.  And I don’t want the nanny state that more laws that only punish law abiding citizens bring with it.  You want to stop the violence ... punish the criminal.  A recent factoid I noticed states that America’s murder rate is 3rd in the world. But if you take Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D.C. and New Orleans (cities where guns are all but illegal) out of the equation, we drop to 4th from the bottom. Why?  ‘Common Sense’ gun control laws that lack common sense. Criminals don’t obey laws.  Law abiding citizens do. Again, punish the criminals.

Perhaps after we return to traditional American values the new gee whiz gun control laws on the table would be passed. But if we do return to the ideals this country was founded on, those laws won’t be necessary.

Paul Dorsey

Green Valley  

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