Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

June 22, 2013

Trading cards strike out on history

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— I recently read in The Antique Week paper that Topps Chewing Gum Co., was  banning Pete Rose’s name from the 2013 baseball cards. His name has been removed from all statistical records on new Topps Cards.

 The company is printing a new feature, “Career Chase” which details how much more a player must achieve to break one of baseball’s coveted  records — hits, home runs, strikeouts, etc.

Rose owns more than 15 major league records, including 4,756 hits during 124 seasons, 10,328 outs and 3,562 games played. The records are listed, but his name has been eliminated. I am shocked to see this.

Topps, now, wants to again be judge, jury and executioner of perhaps the best all around player the game ever had. Well Topps can brag all they want to about the value of their cards.

They can also invent new ways to entice youngsters (and oldster) to purchase their cards — folks who do not know the history of the game.

However, I will not buy another Topps card. They are doing a great disservice  to the game and baseball  history.

They may think it is “big” of them, but I think it is “small of them.” What ever became of forgiveness? I can just see them being all  in favor of electing Pete to the  Baseball Hall of Fame ... after his death?

Dr. Norman L. Jones