Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

November 16, 2012

Veterans need results, not promises

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — While home on leave at the beginning of the war in Iraq in February of 1991 my family went out to a family restaurant for a nice get together. There were great big signs plastered everywhere that proclaimed “We Support Our Troops.” That became the topic of discussion for a while. I tend to ask questions about such things so I called the waitress over and asked what the signs meant. Trying hard to not be condescending, she said “Sir, we appreciate what our soldiers are doing.” I continued with the obvious follow-up question — “How?” Well, I don’t remember if she said it or my memory is playing tricks on me but I recall an answer something to the effect of “We put these signs up!”

In Congressman Nick Rahall’s first letter to us since winning re-election he spent 12 paragraphs telling us veterans just how wonderful we are and how he will continue to fight for a VA clinic in Mercer County.  Sounds like he put up a “We Support Our Troops” sign. However, he did manage to point a big fiscal finger at the Republican held Congress and how their budgets are the real reason for our dilemma. Just one question: How can this be true when our nation has not had an operating budget since President Obama took office four years ago. Those budgets are still sitting in Senator Harry Reid’s in-box right on top of 30 or so jobs bills waiting for action.

In all sincerity, the compliments are very much appreciated. But money is only going to get harder to come by and our need will only get greater. We need results, not nicely written promises and vague accusations.

Paul Dorsey

SFC, USA (Ret.)

Green Valley