Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

October 4, 2013

Obama should work with Republicans

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Spoiled children, anarchists, arsonists and suicide bombers. Just a few of the names the president himself and ranking members of Congress have used to describe the Republicans in the House in the last couple of weeks. I thought when we elect the president, he’s supposed to be president of the whole United States. His comments may be acceptable and agreed with by some, but they are condescending and insulting to everybody else. The volume of the rhetoric should be a serious concern for everybody.

Well over half of America agrees with the House of Representatives that Obamacare needs delayed or sent back to square one. It is why they were elected and have voted over 40 times to stop the train wreck. So why no debate now? Why do the Democrats refuse to discuss this issue at all? The House sent four separate sets of bills last week to stop the shutdown. All were DOA and mocked all along the way.  On Saturday or Sunday, they sent two simple bills. One was to fund the government 100 percent and the other bill would delay Obamacare one year. Just what Senator Manchin said he would vote for, but didn’t.  Harry Reid, the Democrat leader of the Senate, combined the two bills and had the Senate vote on both of them together. Again the Democrat Senate refused to yield, refused to consider the will of the people.  Perhaps If the bills were voted on separately, the outcome would have been different. We will never know. So, who voted to shut down the government and who voted for the will of the people?

America has three separate and equal branches of government. Equal. The president is not king and should be as willing to speak with the Republicans at least as much as he does with the Iranians and Russians. Maybe then progress would be made. You sir, are supposed to be the president of all of us.

Paul Dorsey

Green Valley