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September 25, 2013

God is not happy with world events

— — I feel like the United States is falling into the same rut the Middle East is in. The Middle East’s problem is religion, the U.S.’s problem is politics, and the rut of either or both is hard to get out of.

The situation in Syria is humanitarian and the Middle Eastern religious groups and the U.S. politics are not doing anything positive about it when hundreds of innocent people like women and children are being slaughtered by a dictator like Hitler for personal reasons.

Something needs to be done besides talking politics or religion. Politics never saved anyone’s life nor did religion. One can be religious about anything. There is a difference between being religious and being a Christian. One can be religious without being a Christian. But one cannot be a Christian without being religious. Paul was very religious but was not a Christian until he encountered Jesus on his way to Damascus.

The United Nations was formed for the very purpose of protecting people from evil dictators, not the U.N. can not or will not do anything positive about the innocent people being killed for personal reasons, or to keep a dictator in power.

I don’t think God is happy with the way this world is going and I think the disastrous things that are happening around the world is pretty strong evidence of this.

Robert Kessinger


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