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November 16, 2013

ATV traffic concerns in McDowell

— — You know at one great time when I was a young man here in America it was a time when people cared about each other and those that choose to be Christians were mostly true Christians, who would not do anything to hurt his neighbor and only wished him or her the best. I’m sorry to say that America is no longer that way.

Now it’s every man for himself, which is sad. I suppose what I’m getting at is people who want to get John’s Branch Road connected to John’s Branch Road, and what is peculiar about this is those who want this to happen don’t live up here which is a one-lane road.

We have plenty of cars and trucks running up and down the road without dirt bikes and four-wheelers running up and down the road.

One morning there was 62 four-wheelers in a row that came by my house and what was left was a big dust cloud. Most or these four-wheelers are nice people but there are drinking people among them with no permits to be on the road and no insurance.

The funniest thing about this is over in Virginia they have about the same laws concerning four-wheelers and yet you never hardly see four-wheelers on the roads in Virginia.

 I do remember that one was at a filling station over there and a Virginia State Police trooper happened to come by and came over to this man who was putting gas in it and was asked by the trooper how he got over to the station.

The man told him he called for a flat bed truck to come by and pick the four-wheeler up. Needless to say I haven’t seen one on the highway over in Virginia since.

 Edd Wolfe



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