Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

February 13, 2014

Get involved in state song issue

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — I wonder how many of us contact our representatives after they get elected? Perhaps they are supposed to read our minds after they go to Washington or Charleston. Well, they are making decisions right now and they need our input. Every once in a while somebody gets on the radio or TV, gives out a phone number, and encourages everybody to call their senator and “Tell him what you think!”

This is one of those times. Last year, Dreama Denver, president of the Denver Foundation, gave the idea to Delegate Marty Gearheart to make “Take Me Home, Country Roads” an official state song of West Virginia. Most everybody thinks it already is, but it’s not. The idea turned into a bill that passed in the House but ran out of time before it was voted on further.  So, back to square one. This session, it’s already passed the House and is now in the Rules Committee of the Senate. That is where “encouragement” is needed now.

The Chairman of the Rules Committee is Senate President Jeff Kessler.  You can email him at: or call his office at 304-357-7801 and let him know you support HCR40 making “Country Roads” an official state song. Obviously, you can contact other senators as well but Senator Kessler is the “big guy.” If you don’t care or don’t want it passed, forget you even read this.

Is this important or just a waste of newspaper space? Well, the sun will come up tomorrow if you don’t help, and there are lots of things you can call Charleston about, this is just one of them. Good citizenship is more than paying taxes and voting. Get involved, make a difference.

Paul Dorsey

Green Valley