Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

February 8, 2014

Internet could help with snow days

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Apparently no public school in West Virginia has {recently} been open for more than a week now, putting school officials in a dither over the 180-day rule.

 I remember as a kid, children in Australia schooled via radio. Today, adults take classes via the Internet. The technology is available, but apparently schools in our state are not set up to give instruction and evaluate work in this manner.

Obviously, it would cost something, and in these days finding money for anything is a problem, but I think that putting public schools on an Internet basis with students could be projected to be more than cost efficient. (I’m not advocating home-bound here, but supplemental.)

One of the advantages of computerized grading is that it allows teachers more time to analyze test results, find causes of mistakes, and assign proper remedial instruction.

The Internet offers a wealth of instructional sites available free of charge to teachers and students.

You could do worse than to check out this possibility with local educators and politicians.

 Joe Hall