Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

February 5, 2014

More pressing worries than ‘chemtrails’

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Many times over the past several years friends and relatives have mentioned their observation of what they call “chemtrails.” These people live in places as diverse as New England, Utah, California, as well as locally. In fact, if one googles “chemtrails,” you will see many contributions from these imaginative folk. Of course, they are merely seeing contrails, the effect of jet fuel burning, leaving a little water condensation. These people worry that the contrails may cover the entire sky, going in all directions, from horizon to horizon, and gradually merging into a thin cloud layer obscuring the natural blue

sky. Some of these people speculate that somebody, presumably our government or even some “Global Climate Initiative” is responsible for this entirely natural phenomenon, attempting to control weather, climate, rainfall or other benign or nefarious reason. Remember, these people are, by and large, harmless. The reason, that contrails in the “old days” quickly faded away is most probably related to advances in jet fuel, or something like that. Just as adding vodka to real gasoline helps small engines to last longer and start better.

If you think that you notice this entirely natural and even beautiful effect, keep in mind that if you keep your eyes where they belong, on the ground, road or some handsome passing person, you won’t have to notice it. Above all, don’t worry yourself about it. We have evidence all around us that government has been engaged full time in improving things for  “we the people,” like the environment, the economy, health care and personal information confidentially.

Stephen DeGray

Bluefield, Va.