Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

January 28, 2014

Time to vote out ‘same old leadership’

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — I am once again amazed at the level of crap that the people of West Virginia and Mercer County will take. Recently I received a notice from the office of Sharon Gearhart, county assessor. They had increased the value of my home $1,000. Of course everyone had an increase. But it is a never-ending cycle of tax-and-spend Democrat leadership — and we stand for it.

Well naturally we will get the usual Democrat talking points of how the money is used for police, firemen and schools. The sad truth is only a small percentage goes for what they claim. Most of it goes for local government officials’ retirement and benefits. It has to because we never see any improvement in any of our local government agencies.

I do wish the 80-plus years of Democrat control in this state would have produced better results. My question is when will the people have enough of the same old leadership in state and local government? Oh, and by the way, my home is in 18-year-old mobile, “lol,” but according to the tax assessor it has grown in value. Really? Yeah, same old leadership. Time to vote all of them out — Democrat and Republican! Can’t wait to see all the flak I will get from this.

Jeff Hurst