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January 18, 2014

W.Va. putting cart before the horse

— — This chemical spill up in Charleston is a terrible calamity and is causing the citizens in that area a compounded problem. Not only is the federal government creating health care problems, unemployment compensation problems, additional taxing of which very few people can afford, no viable jobs for our unemployed citizens and no attempt to help with the global crisis in Europe, but now they can only flush their toilets.

My main question to the governing body in Charleston is — if this chemical is so volatile then why has the West Virginia Hazard Waste Organization — if we have such a group, not been monitoring this particular company to assure a proper safety standard?

There seems that here in West Virginia we do not practice preventative maintenance at all. A prime example is not only this chemical spill but also the mountains that are crumbling onto our road system.

As soon as the mess began on the turnpike near the tunnel we took a tour around the area and there are many examples of future rock slides.

Our governor is worried about maintaining our roads but how about maintenance in regard to the mountain slide. That is much more dangerous than a simple pot hole in the road. It is like putting the cart before the horse.

Come on Charleston and our leaders — wake up and smell the roses before we become a complete state of incompetence. Use some of that toll money to make our lives a little safer before it is too late.

Donald E. Ingram


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