Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

January 15, 2014

Common sense can heal nation’s ills

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Common sense is all we need to heal our problems in the U.S. We have a leader who wants to do away with our Congress, bypass the two houses and tell everyone what he wants, period. He said the buck stops here; that’s him. He wants we the people to do whatever he wants.

We the people put his behind up there to do what the majority of us want him to do — period! He is a servant to the people of this nation, no more.

We have given all our jobs to China. They make all of our products then send the cheap things back here for our business big shots to sell for 500 percent gross profit to people who lost their jobs. A nation that doesn’t produce will surely fall like a rock.

Men and women of all races who use dope all the time is are dopeheads. These people cannot blow their nose, hold a job or anything even... This needs to go — it is the ruination of our God-given country!

Our Congress (both houses) is pitiful — their approval rating is down to almost single digits. They do not know right from left! Maybe they need help leaving.

We need God back in our lives and to try to follow those great Ten Commandments that Moses left for us.

When we leave this world be sure and take a copy of what you gave to others while you were here (love one another).

Roy Murphy