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June 4, 2014

GOP running scared over Hillary

—. — I agree with (the earlier letter writer) regarding the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance and saying a prayer before public meetings. I would like to add that I believe various community religious leaders and this includes Jewish and Muslim should also have the opportunity to lead these groups in prayer.

Regarding his Benghazi comments, I believe he has completely swallowed the Republican line regarding a Benghazi cover up. The Republicans are running scared that Hillary will be the Democratic candidate in 2016 and they will do anything to discredit her. They have no one that can successfully oppose her and realize they face the possibility of losing the White House for eight years.

For those readers who want to read about Benghazi, I encourage you to google “” and look at “Fact Checking Benghazi..." It is interesting reading.  Additionally, there is a fact check on the comment made by Karl Rove concerning Hillary and her concussion.

I would like to encourage your readers to make their decisions based on the truth, not what someone wants them to believe.

Bill Skeat


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Letters to the Editor

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