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December 2, 2012

A different view of the election

— Mr. Shott’s recent column was filled to overflowing with his take on the recent election and I found them to be interesting and worthy of comment.

Thank you for the paragraph on the Electoral College and showing how President Obama beat Gov. Romney, both in popular vote and in Electoral College votes. It was gratifying to see that America’s voters could and did see through the Republican’s pathetic attempt to identify the president as being responsible for the mess we are in and that Gov. Romney could lead America to salvation.

He correctly identified the Republican’s War on Women as one of the causes of defeat by highlighting the rape comments made by Todd Adkin and Richard Mourdock, which caused many women to vote Democratic. In fact, this ill-conceived idea has resulted in the recent comment made by Karen Hughes, a former advisor to President Bush, “If another Republican man talks rape, I’ll cut his tongue out.” Republican Gov. Bobby Jindall also made the comment that the GOP should “Stop being the party of stupid.” (Huffington Post Nov. 13)

Mr. Shott’s comment about Elizabeth Warren claiming Native American status really had nothing to do with her beating Republican and Tea Party favorite Scott Brown. She checked this off on her college application and it came up during her campaign as another desperate Republican attack on her. For more information on this, just Google “Elizabeth Warren” and/or “Scott Brown.”

Thanks again for reminding us that a large number of voters laid the blame for our financial mess with President Bush. That it still remains a mess is largely due to Senator Mitch McConnell — “Top priority — making Obama a one-term president” (Google “Mitch McConnell one-term president). The Republicans did not give enough credit to the intelligence of American voters to realize which party was preventing this problem from being resolved. They will also know who is responsible if America goes over the cliff and will make changes in the midterm elections. An interesting aside is that Senator McConnell is probably going to face a significant challenge in his next election from a Tea Party candidate.

 Regarding the “actual ‘texting conversation’,’’ I would have liked for Shott to have identified the source for this exchange “between two Obama-ites.” He also says that they should not be allowed to vote, which brings to mind a disturbing time in America’s history when African-Americans were prevented from voting because they couldn’t pass a test. Is he advocating the resumption of this testing to determine his version of qualified voters? Perhaps, in his next column, he could include some sample questions.

His assertion that President Obama has neglected the thousands of storm victims is not borne out by actual facts. The president has spoken to governors (New York and New Jersey) several times about how the federal government can help (something Gov. Romney indicated he would greatly reduce. Google either “Gov. Romney” or “Paul Ryan comments on FEMA” or “Ryan’s Budget”). Gov. Christie even complimented the president for his concerns, much to the dismay of other Republicans.

If you want to look at a disaster where the federal government failed, look at President Bush’s leadership after Katrina. Who can forget his famous comment made during a visit. My wife and I had the opportunity to talk to owners of houses we were helping to gut seven months after this storm and there was no electricity or any other services in their neighborhood. They were extremely discouraged that their government had failed them.

 One final comment, and I know I have not touched on all comments, but his need for the president to “admit that radical Muslims are terrorists and start treating them as our enemy” defies understanding.  Hasn’t the president’s killing of Bin Laden, the many drone air strikes killing numerous Muslim terrorists and the number of prisoners at Gitmo clearly demonstrated the president’s understanding of who we are fighting in the War on Terror.

I hope others will respond, from both sides, to Mr. Shott’s column and thanks to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph for encouraging letters to the editor.

Bill Skeat


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