Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

July 26, 2013

Government policies destroying U.S.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — An excellent letter on Saturday, July 13, contradicting the assertion that the tea party resembles the Third Reich, and suggesting that the present administration has much more in common with the Third Reich that does the tea party.”

From the beginning, TEA party was an acronym for Taxed Enough Already. Of course, those who believe that people other than themselves are taxed too little already tried to ridicule the movement. Also, they invented an element of racism that was never a part of the movement, and never documented in the least.

As time passes, more is revealed daily of the wastefulness of government, in both major political parties, but particularly the present administration. It is obscene. Not to mention the irrational, to many of us, policies that destroy our economy and independence as a country. The all-out fight against energy independence, private enterprise and individual incentive seem designed to damage, not improve our country.

In that respect, the Obama administration has been very successful. Just as the Third Reich was, for awhile. The Third Reich was succeeded by the Soviet Union, which was actually much worse than the Third Reich, but hasn’t had the notoriety and attention of our information deprived public, much of which still imagines that communism was, and is, a wonderful thing.

Stephen DeGray

Bluefield, Va.