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July 20, 2013

God will judge America’s sins

— I appreciate the input that people will write to the Bluefield Daily Telegraph. I really disagree in many areas, but the article by a recent letter writer was well written in keeping that your ideas and freedom be heard. The thing with that is everybody wants to do their own thing. Our rights end when it interferes with someone else’s rights. Especially when it is against God’s Holy Word.

Those living in sin in Sodom and Gomorrah is an abomination unto the Lord. This is saying that not only the same sex marriage is sin, but all the filthy sex and adultery is sin in God’s sight and America and the whole world will be judged by him. Not me or you, but God.

You will have to answer to him at the great white throne of judgment. Read Romans 1, 2 Peter 2:14 and Corinthians 6:9.

There is so much AIDS and HIV that I wouldn’t want to be where I give someone I love that disease, or germ if you want to call it that, or even a sickness given to those who have other partners who are married and have a husband or wife that is a father or mother.

This nation was founded on the Bible and I believe if we don’t get back to God, we are in a world of trouble.

Please consider thinking on these things and start going to a Bible believing church.

Elaine Hooper-Noe


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