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January 17, 2014

Industry regulation protects public

— — Coal and natural gas keep our lights on and coal and corporate negligence turn our water off.

We can thank Darrell McGraw, our former attorney general, for our abundance of West Virginia water that is owned by West Virginia and not some firm in Germany.

We all know that demand for goods and services is what creates jobs. Demand from coal is what triggers the production of 4-mrthylcyclohexanemethonol and corporate negligence is what allows it to leach into rivers and streams. Which do we want jobs in coal or safe drinking water? Can we trust corporations in the chemical industry to take measures, at the expense of profits, to prevent water contamination?

What happens to the slurry that is created in the process of cleaning coal and how much of a threat is it to the general population?

 We need to mine coal because it is a relatively cheap natural resource and West Virginia needs jobs. We need to do it in a way that protects the general population and those who work in both mining and the chemical industry. If it takes government regulation, then so be it.

Bill Morefield


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