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February 15, 2014

An open letter to Dan Thomasson

— — It seems that most of the folks writing to criticize the columns in the Telegraph are made up of those who want to write a “gotcha” piece against Smokey Shott. If Smokey wrote a column on why we should all observe the golden rule, they would find something wrong with it. And they would criticize him to high heaven.

But today’s edition featured an article by syndicated columnist Dan K. Thomasson regarding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his recent “bridge scandal.” I found the article to be very uncivil and insulting the governor because of his weight and physique. This compelled me to send Mr. Thomasson an email which I would like to share with your readers. It is as follows:

“Dear Mr. Thomasson: Although I disagree with you almost all of the time, I still read your columns in our local paper just to “listen” to the other side.  But your editorial this morning regarding the bridge scandal of Gov. Chris Christie hit an all-time, rock-bottom low. I think you can cast your biased opinions of the governor without all the personal, uncivilized insults about his weight and physique. I find your little oration regarding his stomach surgery and his gastronomic problems sickening at best. And referring to him, at the end, as “tiny” was about as close to school-yard, juvenile immaturity as one can get. None of us are perfect, and you sir, are not exactly a replica of Michelangelo’s David.

For the past five years we have been bombarded with rapid-fire successions of one scandal after another from the Obama administration almost on a daily basis. And most of these scandals are really “real” no matter how you folks attempt to spin it. But, I have not seen one column by any columnist using terms such as “big ears” to describe Barack Obama. And, when it comes to scandals, the whole country knows that Mr. Obama’s “misinformation” regarding our health insurance was a continuous, deliberate, outright, long-term lie, which causes the Christie bridge scandal to pale in comparison, Period!

There are millions of places on the social media where we can go to do our name calling and insulting of those we disagree with … more mature civility should prevail in our daily newspapers.

J. R. Shuck


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