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June 28, 2014

Help Americans before immigrants

— The American people should have a right and something to say about the immigration of these 52,000-plus children that are coming to our country. I’m all for helping people, but there is a limit on what we should do.

Since the beginning of America, we have been taking in people from all countries, this was good for  a while, but after a while it became problem. Not for our government apparently, they just keep on doing the same things.

Here in America we have so many of our own children and old people who need help from DHHR, but cannot receive it.

Now our government wants to spend $2 billion on this immigration problem for housing, food, clothes, school — and all free for these immigrants! The tax-paying, hard-working people of America are going to love to pay for this.

We need to spend the $2 billion on fixing all of the drug problems in this country and taking care of our older people.

Our America has become complacent, do anything you want, everything will be OK. But I believe there are some Americans who know better.

Our country has been turned into a drug-infested hell hole that we have to live in.

Coming here for help isn’t doing anyone any good. Whose fault is this? I blame it on our leaders. Also a lot of people in our country have left God out of their lives, this is another problem.

We really do need to take care of our own before anyone else, and actually we need to pray to ask God to help us and the other countries instead of sticking our noses in places we don’t belong.

Karen Myers



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