Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

February 15, 2013

Arming teachers a ridiculous idea

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — Among the many proposed solutions for preventing mass murder by gun shot is the ridiculous suggestion that classroom teachers should become classroom police, not to control students but to out gun some nut coming into the room with a AR-15 bent on killing as many third graders in as short a time as the trigger can be pulled 30 or 100 times. All that stands between the killer and those to be killed is old quick draw Fanny and she either has her gun belted on or it is in her desk drawer. Quick draw does not stand a chance.

 All the quotes from the Ten Commandments, all the pictures of an artist’s concept of Christ, all of the so called “religious symbols” in the world are not going to save the 30 third graders that are about to be wiped out. As long as there is a finger to put on the trigger or as long as there is a trigger to put a finger on we can expect mass murders to continue. That leaves us with these questions. How do we keep a finger from being put on the trigger? How do we keep a trigger from being available to put a finger on?

 The emotionally disturbed leadership in the NRA take the position that all mass murderers are emotionally disturbed and we should remove them from society. One of the problems with that position is that if we followed their suggestion there would be no one left to guide the NRA. The second problem would be that it is neither unlawful nor illegal to be emotionally disturbed. The third problem would be that within the emotionally disturbed population there are very few acting out or aggressively dangerous individuals.

 When we try to do away with the trigger to put the finger on we run into the misunderstanding or miss interpretation of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment deals with the establishment of a “well regulated militia” and the arming of that militia. The courts in 2008 and 2010 have said that the primary purpose in owning guns is to protect self and family and that the right to own a gun is not absolute. Even if guns could be banned all it would do is create a very lucrative market for those interested in black marketing. 

For those who insist that mass murder occurs because our government is rejecting God, I say that we as mere mortals cannot take God out of anything of which God does not wish to be taken. There is a real difference between the recognition of God and the recognition of so called “religious symbols.”

Bill Morefield