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January 25, 2013

Some can’t handle differing opinions

I look forward to the opinion articles by Smokey Shott. Also, I look forward to the inevitable letters in response, usually calling Mr. Shott everything but an honest person, and personally.

It seems odd, in this country of free speech, freedom of the press, etc., that a well-considered opinion, about any subject whatsoever, it seems, can generate such personal animosity against the holder of such an opinion.

A recent commentary about climate change is a well-reasoned and researched opinion about the climate change issue.

It references certain people or organizations and their opinions, and ends with a well-reasoned conclusion questioning certain policies of President Obama’s administration and policy.

Many of us have formed opinions on fundamental issues, such as climate change, political trends, the second amendment, etc. A certain part of the population also having developed opinions seems unable to respond to any questioning of their own opinion by personally attacking the person, intelligence and character of anyone daring to express a conclusion counter to their own.

Count on it, in coming weeks, there will be letters eviscerating Mr. Shott yet again for the error in his ways.

In a reasonable world, they would be looking at the facts of the matter and questioning the argument, rather than the person who doesn’t agree with them.

Stephen Degray

Bluefield, Va.

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