Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

July 11, 2013

U.S. has spied on citizens for decades

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — I don’t understand what all the shouting and turmoil is over our government using drones to spy on the United States citizens? Doesn’t everyone realize that since the early ’70’s or before, that the U.S. government has had multiple spy satellites circling the globe every day, spying on every country in the world?

Do you honestly believe that when those satellites cross over the United States’ soil, or one of our many territories or friendly countries, that they (our federal government) actually turns off the  cameras, microphones and thermal imaging?

Come on, get real. Our country has been spying on everyone since the early days of satellite technology.

So what is the big deal of one more tool for our own government to spy on us?

As for me, I would like to see a federal law passed that requires that those satellites are turned off when passing over U.S. soil, and the forbearance of the use of drones over U.S. soil and its territories.

Terry Fell