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April 17, 2014

Disclosure of medical costs needed

— — Thank you for running the information about Medicare billing for providing medical services by individual doctors.

Evidently ophthalmologists are unable to  see that some in their profession are killing the goose that lays the Medicare dollars. It behooves those that wish to nourish the goose to talk with their brethren about the fragile health of the goose.

Republicans keep yelling that the goose is dying. Democrats keep yelling that the goose is strong and has no intention of flying away. However it does appear that we farmers have an obligation to monitor the goose’s sustenance and in addition make sure his clatterbone stays flexible.

Can you imagine going to a store and not knowing what your groceries cost until a month after you ate them all and not being able to find out what your grocer charged other customers or even what your groceries cost your grocer. This is about where you stand with medical services.

Can you imagine anyone with even minimum intelligence passing laws that prohibit disclosure of how much rip-off artists are fleecing from taxpayer supported medical programs.

We need full disclosure in medical services. We need services offered and prices charged posted in each doctor’s office. We need billing clerks trained to bill insurance programs. As in any other area of service, we need doctors that are held legally responsible for the patients they harm or kill.

At this point in time we are lucky to be on our way toward universal health care. With more and more money coming from the public for health care, fewer doctors should be in private practice and more should be employed by government.

Bill Morefield


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