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December 20, 2012

If you want jobs you create demand

 I am glad Smokey Shott finally agrees with me, Paul Samuelson and Paul Krugman that it is not used car salesmen or corporate raiders that create jobs. That it is demand for goods and services that creates jobs. If you want jobs you create demand.

 I have been in some type of small business since I was 14 years old and pumped gasoline, kept records and filed tax returns at my grandfather’s service station. My experience tells me that Mr. Shott knows little or nothing about how small businesses are established or operate. His lack of knowledge includes single owner, partnerships, corporations and limited liability corporations. He talks as though small businesses have the same responsibilities as large corporations. Joe’s hamburger stand does not have a problem with either taxes or providing health insurance for his employees. He does not have employees and he moves to a new flea market every week and puts his money in his pocket.

 Mr. Shott does, however, make a good case for universal health care — single payer system. What he refers to as Obamacare is the first step toward taking care of big businesses insurance health care costs without increasing business taxes. What we continue to need are laws that prevent corporate raiders like Romney from buying corporations and selling them off in pieces and raiding pension plans. If courts would find that pension plans were fringe benefits and belonged to the employee, that problem would be solved.

 Each week Mr. Shott is given a lot of space to spout Republican propaganda. Hopefully someday he will actually have an original thought.

 Bill Morefield


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