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April 4, 2014

Wobbling earth, not climate change

— — Kudos to the letter writer for his answer to the global warming question. He agreed with Smoky Shott that there are too many mind-bending suppositions and far reaches of the imagination to qualify as truth. He mentioned an Ice Age was predicted in the early 1970s and he is right, but to take this back even further visit the year 1922 to read the same words written today about global warming and the dire consequences looming. We are trying to escape a brutal winter with record low temperatures, which is not what global warmers predict.

The earth wobbles just as a spinning top does, which creates the seasons, but it also has a minor effect on the temperatures of our planet. If anyone is interested just search the Internet for “Earth Declination Angle,” the difference between true and magnetic north which determines the degree of tilt of our planet, well known to land surveyors.

Over all these years it appears when we reach an extreme apogee or perigee during the travels of our mother earth the alarmists come out of the woodwork for whatever reason and predict catastrophic events on the horizon.

Merlin understood solar eclipses and predicted he could “turn off the sun” at a given time because he was angry about something. It worked for him, and for Al Gore.

Ed Killen

Tazewell, Va.

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