Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

December 26, 2013

Scrooge alive, thriving through GOP

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — “The way that many welfare recipients think was revealed in a call to a radio talk show on KLBJ-AM in Austin, Texas,” columnist “Smokey” Shott wrote this Christmas season about “Lucy, a 32 year-old married mother of three” who “Smokey” says abuses the welfare system.

 Do you believe “Smokey” actually interviewed "Lucy," or investigated reports in Austin’s “lamestream media” that Lucy called the radio station an hour later with a different story? Did “Smokey” talk to other welfare recipients to verify how they “think?” Or would that be too much like work? That’s the kind of work "Smokey" hopes the rest of us will do, as cheaply as possible, to benefit the corporations he champions. Scrooge is alive and thriving this Christmas, helping the Tea Party take food stamps from hard-working families. May the love of family and friends, all Americans deserving of health care and dignified work, bring you the true reason for the season.

Ran Henry