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April 6, 2013

Wake up America before it is too late

— This morning I take my pen in hand with a heavy heart. I see our country in a great state of distress. I see our children hurting, our families hurting, and our school systems hurting.  Every child needs an education. “No child left behind?” For what? No jobs? Many of them don’t see a future.

  This beautiful land of ours has been destroyed by our government. We have natural resources provided by the master of our universe. We have leaders that can’t fix nothing. Like children they are fighting with one another. We pay them to work for us. Who is hurting? Then there are drugs. Where men and women have no pride they sink to low levels.  What have we done? If a man eats then he should work. Everyone wants a hand out and like children if they don’t get it they will just take from someone else. Fair? No.  

If you didn’t go to school “your choice” and all people can be self-taught but you must want it. Almost 80 years I see the golden rules, rules to live by taken out of the schools. Our children needs rules. Our children needs prayer. We are a lost nation. Wake up America before it is too late. Each of us will stand before the master of this universe. Where will you stand?  

Delores Weese


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