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April 8, 2013

‘Rights’ change as our society evolves

— — Why is it difficult to understand that one of the major jobs of our court system is to weigh our “rights” as citizens and residents one against another. The courts tell us there are few if any absolute “rights.” We all know that we cannot yell “fire” in a crowed theater.

I contend that my right to life, liberty and property outweighs my neighbor’s right to buy a gun to kill me.

Why is it difficult to understand that things, situations and the needs of society change over time? I do not keep my horse saddled in the barn so that I can quickly respond to insurrections and uprisings. I no longer have a flintlock and if I did I doubt if I could find a flint. I do have a couple of cap-and-ball muzzle loaders that might do in a pinch, but they will not do 154 shots in five minutes. It has been a very long time since I tallowed a patch and used a ramrod to shove a bullet down a barrel.

I do not feel that I have to take up arms to protect myself against my government. I feel that if I did take up arms against my government I would be arrested and tried for treason.

This session of the West Virginia Legislature has witnessed the despicable threats by both in-state and out-of-state residents against individual legislators. This cannot be allowed and should be dealt with immediately and decisively.

Bill Morefield


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Letters to the Editor

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