Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

April 5, 2013

We can’t forget Bush; it’s all his fault

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— — In the Saturday, March 23, Daily Telegraph there was a letter to the editor under the headline, “Don’t forget the Bush Administration.” The editor may have created this headline but it would be very accurate in defining what the writer was saying.

The three-sentence letter is as short in meaning as it is in length. My belief would be that Mr. “Smokey” Shott believes that government “regulators” should leave us all alone and not just Republican plutocrats — whatever the heck those are.

And to you Mr. Shott, you best take heed and not “shill” for the “banking masters” any more. Shill?  What? And these mean old “banking masters” need to “leave the American people more than a loan.”  Now what does this suggest? Do the banks need to be required (by government regulation) to give us free money instead of loaning it to us? Again, what?

Going back to the Bush administration issue, the writer and his like-minded friends need not worry about anyone ever forgetting the Bush administration. How could we possibly ever forget Mr. Bush? They have blamed him for every bad thing that’s happened in world history including the sins of Adam and Eve; the enslavement of the Jewish people in ancient Egypt; the crucifixion of Jesus; the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and Al Gore’s imaginary friend, Global Warming. If president Obama’s daughters get teenage acne, it is Bush’s fault.

I heard somewhere — it might have been from Senator Harry Reid — that they have changed the name of California’s famous San Andreas Fault to George Bush’s Fault.

J. R. Shuck