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February 7, 2013

Common sense lacking in gun debate

I want to commend writer of the  letter in the Telegraph’s Jan. 30 edition about the proposed assault weapons ban. His letter contained something that is sorely lacking on both sides of this issue — common sense. If more people, including politicians and the NRA, would rely more on reason and common sense instead of emotion, in other words act like adults, workable solutions could be hammered out to at least partially address gun violence in our country.

The writer’s suggestion of a law requiring all persons transferring ownership of any type of firearm, to have the transfer conducted through a federal agency that would conduct a background check, on the buyer, sounds like a good place to start. This would come at some cost to the federal budget but the potential  benefit is well worth it.

The NRA must realize that the American people want and deserve sensible regulation of firearms. The long term well being of our society depends on it.

On the other hand, folks like the writer have a protected right to possess and use guns for self defense ,hunting, sport shooting, etc.

As I mentioned, reasonable people should be able to work together on this.

Billy Ball


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Letters to the Editor

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