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January 23, 2013

Change needed; start in Charleston

I have read several articles in the Bluefield Daily Telegraph about how high our utilities are, I would like to know why, for a change, our Public Service Commission can’t be for the public and stop all these handouts when they know the people are already struggling to pay their bills now?

I thought once APCO got switched over to natural gas, our rate would come down (wishful thinking on my part, I guess). I haven’t voted for a long time and neither has my family, but that’s about to change. It’s time to stop all these free handouts from our Public Service Commission. You wonder why so many people are on welfare, well let’s  start by blaming the utilities and our Public Service Commission. Our rates are too high; it’s time to let up. We cannot keep up with everything and still buy our groceries and medicines.

On a different note look at the taxes we have to pay and then take a long hard look at what we drive on.  Where are our tax dollars going? I know, in their pockets. There needs to be change and it needs to start in Charleston. That’s why I will vote in next election, it will be a start. Thanks for listening.

Ron Bailey


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