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January 3, 2013

Learn from Sandy Hook, and move on

So, after all the newspaper articles and television time about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, who is responsible for this shooting attack that left 20 students and six adults dead?

Do we blame it on the gun manufacturer or on the elementary school for not having a six-foot fence around it with razor wire on top or big padlocks on the front gate, or do we place the blame exactly where it belongs? On the boy’s mother, Nancy Lanza? Yeah, that’s right.

If his mother knew he was mentally ill why did she give him easy access to the guns? Why did she not have them locked away in a big metal gun safe?

This would clearly have prevented this tragedy. And it may have prevented her own unexpected death at the hands of her own son?

Sad, yes indeed, but our gun laws are just fine. They need no change. It was just one of those things that happened. Our hearts go out to the victims.

We need to learn from it and just move on.

Ron Penland

Wytheville, Va.

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Letters to the Editor

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