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November 25, 2013

Obama shows he has no common sense

— — There have been and will be mistakes that this president will make but the latest one is such an absurdity that it boggles my mind beyond comprehension. The biggest mistake was by believing he could create a new health care system that would astound the world. In reality he made the worst boondoggle of any man since our country began.

Supposedly Obama was a lawyer, but yet he doesn’t have the sense of a cockroach on a bright and sunny day. He announced a few evenings ago that he would allow the insurance companies to reinstate all the policies that they have canceled for one  year. Now what idiot would be so brainless to reinstate policies that would only be legal for one year?

If any citizen thinks this is a wonderful idea they are worse than what Obama is, which is completely stupid. At the end of the year we will be going through the same terrible mess that we have been going through since this ridiculous Obamacare came into being in October.

Not only is Obama lame brained but he has lost any common sense he may have had in the past. He is the one who passed his law that the insurance companies would have to insure pregnancy and abortion, which they would not and could not, so they in turn began to cancel policies so as not to be against Obama’s new law.

Now he must really believe that the executives of these huge insurance companies will be ignorant enough to spend thousands of dollars to reinstate and then end up going through the very same mess.

To me Obama is by far the dumbest president we have ever had and they sooner we get him out of office the sooner our country will slowly go back to normal.

Donald Ingram


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