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September 15, 2013

Thanks for helping Bluewell area

— — Three months ago I went before the Mercer County Commission regarding the Brushfork-Bluewell-Montcalm area. I asked for some help with the growing prostitution problem, the clogged drains and ditches on Lorton Lick Road, and the Route 52 litter problem.I am happy to report that we are witnessing additional police patrols on 52 (the girls in pink have moved on for now), the ditches and drains on Lorton Lick have been “pulled,” and the Day Report Center came through Bluewell cleaning our major highway from rubbish. (Shame on you people who litter!)

  We, the citizens, of these fine communities extend our appreciation and thankfulness to our commissioners: Mike, Gene, and Joe and to an outstanding dedicated sheriff — Don Meadows. We publicly express our gratitude. 

I hope our residents and passers-by have noticed our beautiful hanging baskets and the well kept intersections at Warden Ave, Route 20 and Lorton Lick. We do all this by donations and grants — not tax money. We are $500 dollars short on our flower/beautification project this summer as many have forgotten to (or yet to) donate. If you would be kind enough to help us out (any amount greatly appreciated, plus it will be tax deductible this year!) we will have our pretty flowers again next year.  Make your check to BIA (stands for Bluewell Improvement Association), P.O. Box 54, Montcalm, WVa., 24737.

M.C. “Skip” Crane, Jr.

Bluewell, WV

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Letters to the Editor

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