Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV

August 16, 2013

Too many taxes in West Virginia

Bluefield Daily Telegraph

— Ihave just received my personal property

taxes and I couldn’t believe how much they

were, and then the good old fire fee, which I

don’t think that deal was fair. I would like to

know how much money these fire departments

need. I know they have a very dangerous job but

they don’t need new equipment every time the

moon changes.

Now back to vehicle taxes — that needs to

stop. When you buy the vehicle you pay a

tremendous amount of taxes and then every

year you own that vehicle, which you never do.

From one year to however long you keep it, you

never own it. From tags to inspection stickers,

it is something every year. A one-time tax when

you buy the vehicle is enough.

Also, it’s time to consolidate some schools and

cut salaries, and if you don’t like it, tough — bag


We, the people, have had enough. It’s time to

change. The food tax might be gone but every

other tax went up. Look at the gas tax when you

can go across the state line and beat West

Virginia’s prices. Good old taxes. This is just my

opinion; if anyone wants to comment please do.

It’s time to stop personal property taxes or

West Virginia is going to be in trouble just like

Detroit. Ride around and look at the homes for

sale just in our surrounding area. People have

had enough, so most of them are leaving the

area. Even with all the taxes collected we still

drive on unsafe roads and cross bridges that are


Ron Bailey