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October 4, 2012

Obama employing ‘Chicago-thug politics’

— — Americans across the nation should be asking themselves, “Are we better off because of government regulations that are forcing the closure of coal mines, power plants and essential industries?”

A supporter of President Obama commented on the recent dismissals and layoffs of over 2,000 workers at Alpha Natural Resources, Arch Coal, and Consol Energy by asking, “Those coal companies — how many are union jobs?” Then he said, “Stop blaming the president for the actions of greedy, unfeeling companies.”

The mention of unions with such disregard for unemployed workers is not only disgusting, but it is suspicious. Why do some people think that a union would make a difference? To know that answer, you have to know what the unions and their political allies are planning.

Part of Barack Obama’s “change” is to make an alternate economic reality. Until now, if companies incurred excessive losses, not only were jobs lost, but the companies were lost! But in Obama’s alternate reality, large companies that are unionized have been reclassified as “too big to let fail!” In other words, he’s making up his own rules.

In this alternate reality, unions don’t care if the companies they work for are regulated to the point of failure. As long as Democrats are willing to use taxpayer money to fund their benefits (health, retirement, etc.), and to “give” them controlling interest of that company’s facilities and resources! Why do you think that the UMWA (mine workers union) won’t support Republican Mitt Romney for president? They won’t openly support Obama in the election, because he’s so anti-coal that doing so would cause suspicion. Yet they won’t support Romney, because they want their hidden agenda to ultimately succeed!

If any of this sounds familiar, it should, because the Obama regime has already established a template of their plans through the American automobile (GM and Chrysler) and banking industry bailouts, along with the forced implementation of Obamacare!

“We The People,” at least those of us paying attention, are onto their game. The ultimate Obama/union agenda uses excessive regulation to weaken entire industries. That achieves two objectives, less production and use of carbon-based fuels, and “financially punishing” select companies so that they will be forced into accepting government bailouts. The conditions of these bailouts will lead to forced unionization. Then, the complicit unions will be “given” substantial interests in the bailed-out companies, just as they were with GM and Chrysler.

There’s yet another consideration. Who really expects the Obama-regime’s Justice Department to enforce anti-trust laws when his union friends use unfair business tactics over their competitors?

It is nothing less that “Chicago-thug politics,” expanded to a national scale. Think about it. Pray about it! But most importantly, remember their agenda when you go to vote on Nov. 6!

Dave Cox

Bluefield, Va.

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