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October 2, 2012

What is the source for bold claims?

— — Just a short response to a recent letter encouraging readers to do an Internet search for the “Convention on Biological Diversity and “Rural Depopulation.” This letter interested me, especially the facts that were stated, so I did a brief Googling of these two topics.

 Regarding the “Convention on ...,” I read two sites and the gist of this Convention seems to be the encouraging of the responsible use of biological resources (don’t use them all up at once).

Chevron also has a site where they pretty much support this idea in their business planning. As for “Rural Depopulation,” it seem this is the same old problem of the youngsters moving off the farm for the bright lights of the city.

 Regarding several of the other claims: Population reduction occurs naturally when the new generation has less children than the previous generation (I am not aware of our government advocating a reduction in family size, unlike China). Government already controls fishing, hunting, etc., by requiring licenses. I don’t think many fishermen and hunters would disagree with the benefits that result from these fees. Farmers, who take subsidies, either agree not to grow a specific crop or less of that crop.

 I would like to see where the information came from on the “eventual abolition of single-family homes,” “government becoming the controlling partner in businesses” and I am especially would like to know the source for “50 percent of the U.S. being set aside as ‘wildlands’ where no human can enter.”

Bill Skeat


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