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September 26, 2012

Fight for outpatient clinic continues

“Once again local veterans needs being ignored,” a right on letter appeared Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012. The letter writer has written several letters to the editor about veteran needs and concerns. Thank you sir. I only wish that there were more like you and I sir have written many letters to the editor myself.

 I want to thank the Bluefield Daily Telegraph for printing them for me, and the public I have spoken to and written to, and many of our so-called politicians, including the president of these United States and Eric Shinseki, the head of the Veterans Administration.

The letter writer talked about the $600 million  spent on a hospital in Las Vegas, which I am glad for the veterans in that area. So let's talk about the $150 million being spent to build a hospital for the Afghan soldiers. While on that subject, why don't taxpayers spend another $97 million for an electric grid over there? Can we use an electric grid around here? Somewhere I think so, and just in case I did not mention it, all of this is being done with our taxpayer monies.

As I have written before our government is in the process of building 142 clinics in and around Afghanistan at a cost of about $1 million to 8 million each and the honorable veterans of the area cannot have one of these 142 clinics here. I understand there is one in Tazewell, Va., one in Wytheville, Va., but not one on these grounds.

The U.S. Congress is questioning the $5 million dollars the Veterans Affairs spent on a conference in Orlando, Fla., which included an 18 minute parody video of “Patton.” The 1970 movie “Patton,” which cost $52,000 and $84,000 for promotion items such as pens and airplane rides. I only hope you can see where I am coming from with this information in regards to an outpatient clinic for this area. I realize that I have taken readers a long way around, but this is where I am coming from; remember, do nothing, get nothing. I am doing all I can for my fellow man. Thank you for your patience.

Al Hancock

U.S. Air Force Retired



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