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December 31, 2013

Politics at play in Elgood community

— — Elgood is in the news again (the Bluefield Daily Telegraph article on Monday, Nov. 18, “High and dry.”). First we were left high and dry (no public water) and now we are left in the dark (no 911 tower). Has anyone ever wondered why Elgood folks can not get anything from the county or state? We can’t even get an Elgood road sign at Goodwin Chapel intersection. May I tell you why while we still have some freedom of speech?

There are mostly Republicans living in the Elgood/New Zion area and if you are not a Democrat in West Virginia you get the shaft. West Virginia is and always has been controlled by Democrats. Citizens have actually had to change their politics in order to get a job in West Virginia. Elgood residents were told they would be next to get public water after Oakvale. It didn’t  happen. There was money left after Oakvale completed its project and, guess what — it was used to put water in the Kellysville area. Why? You guessed it. There are also other areas that have gotten money for water but not Elgood. Come on mayor of Elgood, where is your clout?

Take notice of the condition our state and country is in: corruption, no morals and destruction of our Constitution. Our freedom of religion and speech is being removed at a fast pace. You can blame our politicians, especially those in Washington.

Mary White


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