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June 11, 2013

Waste of ink and paper to publish ‘junk’

— — Newspapers have a civic duty to show both sides of civic debates — though private companies, their leading positions in local markets imply a responsibility to those markets that is usually served pretty well in our area. I disagree with practically everything political that Smokey Shott says, but read him because a citizen should know and consider the opinions of the loyal opposition.

You’ve published recently two wingnut letters — one claiming that Obama was acting like Hitler, and another claiming that Obama was a dictator and a Muslim — both under bold headlines reiterating their craziness. Also recently, a story runs of an obviously unbalanced 20-year-old writing the president and threatening to kill him and his family, and plotting to go to Washington. Thank Heaven he was arrested, but do you not see a connection? Publishing willfully and woefully ignorant letters with inflammatory claims gives them a false appearance of importance and contributes to yelling past one another rather than civic debate. I know you editorially decide what letters to publish and what not to, and I suggest it is a waste of ink and paper, and a disservice to the community, to publish junk from people who come to a battle of wits unarmed.

John Feuchtenberger


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