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September 15, 2012

BIS teachers are doing a great job

— — I just read the comments on “incompetent teachers are a problem.” In regards to the Bluefield Intermediate School, I personally know several teachers at this school and all the ones I am acquainted with are dedicated, hard working teachers who do care immensely about each and every one of their students. Having teachers in my family, I know the time and money these teachers spend trying to help their students get an education. I know there are students everywhere, including Bluefield Intermediate, that do not know where their next meal is coming from or where they will lay their heads down each night. Some don’t know who their parents are or where they are. Some students have been abused and neglected and come to school with scars to prove this. I don’t believe these students care about a math problem or how to spell a word when they are just trying to survive.

Of course, a lot of the students come to school with their homework and strive to do their very best, but the troubled students that cannot pass the required tests bring down the overall test scores. And let’s face it. Some students simply cannot learn. But that doesn’t stop the teachers trying to help these students to do what they are capable of doing and to learn.

Actor Tony Danza has written a book where he apologizes to every teacher he ever had. He took a year off and taught English in a high school and he says it was the hardest job he ever had.

There have been incidents where teachers put up with abuse from students while they are trying to teach. They bring home stacks of paperwork to grade each night and weekend, along with numerous forms that are required by the school systems, along with trying to come up with ideas to excite and stimulate the students to learn. I think we need to stop criticizing the hard working teachers and get behind them and support them.

Mollie Comer


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