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September 11, 2012

Agenda 21 and Mitchell Stadium responsibility

 I would like to comment on several recent letters. To the Agenda 21 letter writer, I Googled Agenda 21, and it looks like it has encouraged certain people to imitate ‘Chicken Little’. I have more faith (and it’s not that much) that Area 51 is the location for the crashed Roswell, New Mexico UFO’s and the dead aliens.

 To the individual defending the lack of action in ensuring that handicapped parking spaces would be available, if you rent a facility to an outside group for insurance purposes, etc., your staff should still be on site to handle problems, questions, etc. If the stadium were rented and no stadium staff were there, I would encourage the Bluefield authorities to consult an attorney about possible liability concerns. If staff were on site and they did nothing, shame on them.

Bill Skeat


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