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October 11, 2012

Clear the air for cats with asthma


Preventative measures are among the most effective ways to keep a cat from experiencing reoccurring asthma, by ensuring its respiratory tract is not irritated. Such steps include keeping cats away from smoke, freshly cut grass, moldy places such as basements or attics, and places that are exceptionally dusty.

Humidifiers and air purifiers also ensure everyone in the home -- including your cat -- breathes air free of allergens and irritants.

“Try using HEPA filters and changing the filters on the heaters/air conditioning vents often,” said Bolling. “Cats with asthma should not live in homes where they are exposed to cigarette smoke.”

While not curable, asthma in pets can be treated with medications approved by your veterinarian. Medications may be necessary to lower the frequency and severity of a cat’s asthma. In severe cases, oxygen therapy, which delivers supplemental oxygen to a feline’s airway via a mask on the cat’s face, may be necessary.

Pets with asthma can live a long and happy life with the proper medication and care.


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