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March 25, 2013

Ex-member details beating by biker gang


That man “was put out bad,” said the alleged victim. “He messed up with the club.”

Under the club’s rules, the alleged victim and other Red Devils were required to give the man a beating.

Did they? asked Camelio.

“No, we didn’t,” said the alleged victim.

Soon afterward, the alleged victim’s life began to fall apart. Barr, a Hells Angel who worked with the victim, ordered him to quit his job. Then, he was ordered to attend a meeting, where he was told he too was being “put out bad.” “I took my vest off, my belt buckle, and turned it over to him.”

Later he was called to another private meeting where he was told to turn over his motorcycle to the club and then had his hand beaten with a ball-peen hammer, which caused serious injuries.

He then described further threats of terror and intimidation by gang members. Eliason allegedly told the man, “He was going to break my legs, kill me, but before that, he was going to rape my girlfriend in front of me and go after my son,” the alleged victim testified.

That’s when the FBI stepped in. Jeff Wood, an FBI agent who oversees gang cases on the North Shore, outfitted the man with a recording device hidden on him.

In that taped meeting, Eliason discussed his complicity.

All six are due back in court April 2 for a pre-trial hearing in the case.


Details for this story were provided by Julie Manganis, a reporter for The Salem (Mass.) News.

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