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February 7, 2013

Don’t fire her because she’s beautiful


Did this guy really say this? Without the gender factor, Knight would not have those feelings and emotions. But Mansfield goes further by saying all of Knight’s employees are female and the person replacing Nelson was female. All that proves is that Knight was selective in his discrimination, targeting the one who aroused him.

Nelson probably made a mistake by not alleging sexual harassment due to
the nature of Knight’s texts. She was honest and said Knight’s juvenilia
didn’t bother her. She wasn’t counting on the top court in the state being
populated by deadheads who propose that women are expendable in a man’s world.

Last year, Republican politicians and their apologists issued lunacy after lunacy about rape and access to contraception. This was compounded in a culture that already winks at women being literally and figuratively assaulted, subjected to rape, given lower pay and little access to child care. Then, when women think they will be protected by the law, here comes a boys club court that agrees that an attractive woman dressed in scrubs can go on unemployment.

That women are to blame for the stupidity and lack of self control by
troglodyte males is a discrimination that can’t be overcome until more
enlightened jurists sit on the nation’s benches.

It’s not too late for judges to read John Stuart Mill’s “The Subjection ofWomen.” They then might see women not solely as sexual conquests but human beings who deserve protection under the law when preyed upon and wronged for no other reason than their womanhood.


Stephen Dick is an editor for The Herald Bulletin in Anderson, Ind. .Contact him at

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