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May 23, 2012

Pork tenbderloin: Great taste, good price

One of the things I love about pork is that it fits into even the tightest of budgets, and cuts such as the pork tenderloin deliver a great five-star restaurant-style taste and experience.

The key is proper temperature control on the grill and knowing when to pull it off before it becomes overcooked and dry, which are dangers of lean meats.

This dish uses the tenderloin as compared to the larger loin. The tenderloin is quicker to cook and easily serves five to six people. As you unpack the tenderloin, you will see that it comes in two

individual pieces. Slice each piece lengthwise in the middle, cutting it 75 percent through.

You then want to spread each piece out flatly, in essence creating two pieces that are now thinner but offer more surface area.

Spread the cheese and herb mixture over one of the pieces, covering it from one end to the other. Place

the second piece on top, and tie the pieces together with cotton twine. Three pieces of twine will do fine.

Don't tie too snugly as the meat will expand while it cooks on the grill. Salt and pepper both sides of the the tenderloin. Take a piece of uncooked bacon and fasten it to the end of the tenderloin

with a toothpick, wrapping it around the roast at a 45-degree angle. Take the second piece and slightly overlap the end of the first piece of bacon and fasten both to the roast. Do the same thing with a third piece of bacon.

Set up your grill with indirect heat, which means 25 or so briquets are stacked at one end of the grill. Once the briquets are 75 percent ashen, sprinkle with a handful of hickory chips.

Place the tenderloin on the opposite side of the grill and put the lid on, all vents open. Once the roast

reaches 145 degrees Fahrenheit, place directly over the coals for a moment or two. This will add texture. Be careful, as it could flame.

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Recipes and Food
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