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November 19, 2012

BBQ My Way: Summer's over but BBQ season never ends

By Dave Lobeck

CNHI News Service

Labor Day has come and gone, and judging by the high amount of traffic on my website, many of you were looking for ideas and/or direction on grilling and barbecuing.

This isn't surprising. Labor Day traditionally signals the end of summer, just as Memorial Day tends to be the start of summertime activities. Labor Day is sometimes the last time many outdoor cooks are serious about grilling or barbecuing.

The purpose of today's column is to encourage you to think a bit out of the box. Some of the most rewarding and appreciated barbecued, smoked or grilled dishes I have served have taken place in cooler/cold weather.

Fall, winter and early spring offer opportunities and menu options I couldn't imagine passing up. You will also notice your family and friends will have a higher-than-normal appreciation for these smoke-kissed dishes.

Allow me to lay out an outdoor menu for you. And don't worry, I will time future columns to give you detailed instructions on how to pull off these great dishes, as well as provide you with complimentary side dishes and drinks.

Don't let snow scare you away. I have shoveled a path through a foot of snow on Christmas to get the meal done. It's not as bad as you might think, and actually, kind of fun.

Halloween: This time of year reminds me of beautiful colors, crunchy leaves, crisp air and clear blue skies. What a perfect time to prepare beer can chicken or bratwursts soaked in beer. A perfect time to be outdoors while the kids stop by to trick-or-treat.

Thanksgiving: You will make the ladies in your house happy by moving the main course outdoors. As you know, the kitchen is a hotbed of stressful activity, and by moving the main course to the grill, you free up space and give the guys a place to congregate to talk “guy talk.” You guessed the main dish: a grilled or smoked turkey. You can also prepare side dishes outdoors as well.

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Recipes and Food
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