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August 14, 2012

Lobster a grilled delicacy worth the price, no matter the budget

By Mike Pound

CNHI News Service

JOPLIN, Mo. — I need to get one thing straight: At our house, we are not exactly lobster people. Lobster people live somewhere on the cape and wear sweaters around their necks, even in August. They refer to each other as “my good man,” with a straight face.

We live in the Ozarks, wear Jimmy Buffett T-shirts, call each other “bud” and, when we are really feeling sophisticated, we’ll drink beer out of a glass.

But just because we’re not lobster people doesn’t mean we can’t spring for some every now and then. Normally, at our house, we buy for lobster on New Year’s Eve. But the other day I was reading a story about the lobster glut in Maine and how the abundance of lobster had caused the price of the crustacean to plummet. The story made me break out with a serious case of lobster fever.

Unfortunately, the lobster price break being seen in Maine doesn’t appear to have made its way to the Midwest yet. And even if it does, the low prices would apply only to whole Maine lobsters, not lobster tails. Locally it appears that the price per pound for lobster has been holding steady and has not spiked in recent months.

I was able to pick up two large, 10-ounce frozen lobster tails for well under $30. They certainly weren’t cheap, but not bad for a one-time summer splurge. Normally, when we prepare lobster tails on New Year’s Eve, I steam them, but when I made my purchase last week I had a different plan: I was going to grill the lobsters.

There are two great things about grilling lobsters. First of all, grilling lobster tails is incredibly easy. Second of all, grilled lobster tails are incredibly good.

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Recipes and Food
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