Bluefield Daily Telegraph, Bluefield, WV


October 16, 2012

Endorsement: Senate District 6, Republican Bill Cole

Voters are faced with an important decision Nov. 6 in the newly redrawn Senate District 6 race for southern West Virginia.

Incumbent Sen. Mark Wills, D-Mercer, is being challenged by Mercer County businessman and former House of Delegates member Bill Cole, a Republican. After careful consideration and debate, the editorial board of the Daily Telegraph endorses Cole for the Senate District 6 seat.

Cole is campaigning on a platform of bringing common sense solutions to Charleston and job creation. Cole previously served in the House of Delegates after being appointed by former Gov. Joe Manchin to fill a vacant House seat in 2010.

We believe Cole is the best candidate to help move Mercer County — and West Virginia — forward. Job creation will be key in the new Senate district, and Cole knows what it takes to run a successful business. We believe he will fight in Charleston to help create a more positive pro-business climate for the Mountain State, while also helping to fight for new jobs right here in Mercer and McDowell counties.

Cole knows how to create jobs, and has done so through several of his automotive dealerships in southern West Virginia. He is also willing to fight for coal, and our natural resources, in Charleston. Yes, we can fight Washington, and the federal Environmental Protection Agency, on the state level in Charleston. We must if the state’s coal industry is to survive. And Cole is willing to do that.

Wills has done a good job during his two years in the Senate, and is to be commended for working with local veterans’ advocate Al Hancock in the fight for an outpatient clinic for Mercer County. And that’s a fight that must continue regardless of who is elected on Nov. 6. However, given the tough times our region — and Mercer County in particular — has been experiencing as of late, we believe new leadership is needed in Charleston.

We can no longer be satisfied with the status quo. We need aggressive senators. We need lawmakers who will not only make new laws, but also legislators who understand what is needed to create a pro-business climate for West Virginia, and struggling border communities such as Bluefield. And we need a lawmaker who is willing to actively fight for new jobs right here in southern West Virginia.

Bill Cole is that man. He is already a proven job creator. He already has experience on the state level from his service in the House of Delegates. He understands the current challenges facing Mercer County. Cole deserves a chance to represent southern West Virginia in the state Senate. And we deserve a lawmaker who is willing to fight for positive change in Charleston.

When voters head to the polls on Nov. 6, we urge them to cast a ballot for Bill Cole for Senate.

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